Money and kids

Teaching kids about money

According to a 2016 T. Rowe Price survey, 71% of parents prefer not to talk about money to their children, while only 22% of kids says they talk with their parents often enough about money and financial topics.

Children just need to understand the basic concepts, like saving, budgeting, paying down debts, and giving to others.

You should start to educate your kids about money when they are still young: they need to learn the financial but you also want to tell your children the value you give them.

They shouldn’t see cash going in and out from your wallet or credit card without any clue how it got there or how quickly it can disappear. (more…)

Kids and video games

Kids: positive effects of video games

For people who are not used to play video games, they can seem like a strange, threatening thing for their kids. You can decide not to buy your child any video game, but chances are that she will play them to a friend’s home.

A BabyCenter survey found that on 3,000 moms, 50% allow their children younger than 3 to play with their smartphone. Nearly one in four of the apps on their smartphones are for their kids. (more…)

10+ Actionable Tips To Teach Your Child To Read

According to the National Center for Education Statistics,“Children who are read to at home enjoy a substantial advantage over children who are not”.

When children are read to 3 or 4 times per week at home by a family member, they are likely to be able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet by 26%, against a 14% compared to the ones who are read to less frequently.

They are also more likely to write their own name and read.

But only 53% of children ages 3 to 5 were read to daily by a family member. (more…)